13405 Ferrin Rd.
Carlyle, IL 62231

About Us

Wedekemper’s, Inc. was started by Clinton and Dorthy Wedekemper in 1956.  It was on their family farm they realized the need for area farmers to have access to and be able to purchase grain-handling equipment in order to produce ground feed for livestock.

In the early years of the business the Wedekempers expanded their inventory to include grain storage and harvesting equipment.  As wire cribs were replaced with large capacity steel bins and corn pickers were replaced with combines, farmers were able to store all the grain they harvested.

In 1966, they expanded and moved the business to the current location on Route 50, between Sandoval and Carlyle, Illinois.

The company expanded further by adding grain augers, continuous flow dryers, and commercial storage facilities for local elevators. In 2005, Dorothy transferred the company to her son Gary Wedekemper. Gary has continued the same level of quality service the company has always had.

Today Wedekemper’s, Inc. continues to grow along with area farmers, elevators, and other agricultural businesses. In the future we hope to reach out to new customers and continue to expand our business market.